Moravian Gallery — school project 



Graphic Design
Editorial Design


Moravian Gallery was struggling with low traffic. When I was thinking why people don't care about art, I came to conclusion, people don't care about things they don’t understand. They're just not curious enough. So I decided to nudge their curiosity and created a new visual style of Moravian Gallery based on asking questions. Questions about art in common, about concrete subjects and concrete exhibitions held in the gallery. I also created a forum on their website and encouraged discussions online and offline.

Poster — Who's the artist?
Leaflet — Why to dig through the past?
Program — How does your environment influences you?
Business card (restorer) — All art was contemporary once.
Business card (production) — Who’s the one, who is watching?
Business card (director) — Where would we be without patrons of the arts?
Subpage — Do we need galleries at all? 

Forum and discussion on a subject of installation in art.

OMG forum 

MG is a shortcut to the gallery's name. OMG is what people say when they see some peculiar contemporary piece. So I created a   forum called OMG on Facebook People can add and comment on strange pieces and better understand their background and meaning. 


UX Salon